Godzilla: The Triumph and Spectacle of the Monsterverse

How the Monsterverse tied everything together

The early 2010s were a unique time for Godzilla. For the first time in Toho and the character’s history, Godzilla was successful without being released in his home country. 2014s Godzilla was North America’s second chance at the King of the Monsters and the first film that forced Japan to step its game up. In response, the world was treated to the beautifully horrific Shin Godzilla.

What the North American version of Godzilla offered was the chance for a whole new generation of fans to be introduced to the character in his purest form. No gimmicks and no lore for it to lean on. This was the beginning of the Monsterverse, a multi-film franchise that aimed to bring back the interconnected world of kaiju.

This idea was borrowed from the massively successful Marvel Cinematic Universe and is one of the few to have work. 2014 Godzilla brought back a lot of the terror the original film had. There was a mystery as to what he would look like that was teased throughout the film. Up until his full reveal, he is seen as the villain, but once another kaiju showed up, the gloves came off, and the hero that fans know and love was back.

With the first film’s success, a sequel was in the works along with a new version of King Kong called Kong: Skull Island. That film would introduce viewers to the huge scope of the Monsterverse and tease a confrontation between Kong and Godzilla. Surprisingly fans responded well to the admittedly random release of another Kong movie, and it was full steam ahead for the sequel to the original Godzilla.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters brought back all of the greats from the kaiju’s storied past. Not only was Godzilla going to be there, but so were new versions of Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. The film did so well to ensure all of the things that made these monsters great were intact while they told their own story (A personal favorite of mine was their reference to the twins for Mothra and referring to Ghidorah as Monster Zero).

While not received as well as the other films, for some unknown reason, the series garnered enough financial success to bring the dates duel between Godzilla and Kong to life in Godzilla vs. Kong. The movie won’t release until March, but if the trailer is any indication, this iteration is sure to blow the original out of the water.

The Monsterverse had a massive undertaking on its hands, and all of that was riding on the initial success of the first Godzilla film. Its success signifies just how relevant Godzilla still is to the masses and how much the people enjoy seeing him battle it out with other monsters. Creating a connected universe isn’t easy. It’s even more complicated when trying to create something similar to the original but wholly different.

Legendary Pictures has managed to pay homage to the last that created these films while simultaneously creating new stories. We all love to see what trouble Godzilla can get into next and if it’s one thing that the Monsterverse came out swinging and has perfected exemplified why it’s important to always “let them fight.”

Thanks for reading everyone and please check out my rundown of Godzilla’s Showa EraHeisei EraMillennium Era and Reiwa Era! I am still trying to figure things out scheduling wise but I am getting there! Thank you for the patience and support! We also have a new episode of our podcast, The Next Panel with Nick and Jake, up so make sure to give it a listen while you read! Stay Safe Stay Happy and Stay Fresh!

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